Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Post UPSR Intensive for Computer Skills in Penang

Has your child just completed his/her UPSR exam this week?

They are now on their way to high school in few months time. Let's prepare them with proper computer skills for more challenging learning environment in High School next year.

4 Weeks Project Based Computer Course
Project 1: Be a SPY!
Total Hours: 8 hours (2 hours a week)
Dates: 25/9/12, 27/9/12, 2/10/12, 4/10/12, 9/10/12, 11/10/12, 16/10/12, 18/10/12
Course Fee: RM300 per student (RM240 per pax for a group of 2 and above)
*One time registration fee of RM30 for every new student

Project Summary & Task:
Karen Santiago, the notorious criminal has struck again! This time she has decided to sabotage the Science Fair at the Kidscomp Primary School. After weeks of preparation, some of the exhibits have mysteriously disappeared, and James Boon, who happened to be vacationing in Malaysia, was enlisted to help catch Karen Santiago and hopefully, recover the exhibits in time for the opening of the Science Fair. James was up in Cameron Highlands when a great big landslide occurred, blocking up the access road out of Cameron Highland. As such, the student's help is needed to help him solve the mystery and catch the criminal.

The projects include compiling a Slide Show presentation report in Microsoft Power Point and filling a Junior Case Notebook in Microsoft Publisher. Students also retrieve a secret coded message, emailing and attaching a file, decoding secret messages in Microsoft Word; using Graphics and exporting the chart into multimedia. Students also design a “Wanted” poster of the criminal in Publisher.

Project 2: Intermediate Bookshop
Total Hours: 8 hours (2 hours a week)
Dates: 23/10/12, 25/10/12, 30/10/12, 1/11/12, 6/11/12, 8/11/12, 13/11/12, 15/11/12
Course Fee: RM300 per student (RM240 per pax for a group of 2 and above)
*One time registration fee of RM30 for every new student

Project Summary & Task
The students at Kidscomp have been coming up with different kinds of magazines and booklets for sale. Kidscomp would now like to offer these books to the public. Sales of other stationery products, greeting cards and puzzles are also available. The students need to come up with a Registration Form for those interested to join the Book Club, design new greetings cards and come up with Power Point presentation to sell these products.
Call 04-2286106 to register!

Why ICT/Computer Skills has become more important these days?
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is important to become part of today's education because it enables your children to search for the information they need and to organize what they have found. As they progress through the school system from primary to secondary, they become increasingly responsible for their own learning.

How can they use computer in their learning?
Students can create graphs using mathematical data. Using the Internet, students can access photographs of great art, listen to important recordings, research topics for reports and communicate via email. With the proper skills, they will know which tool to use to complete projects given to them in schools.

Other Plus Points!
ICT helps students to achieve better results in other subjects and to find what they need and use information in particular ways. It is important that children become familiar with ICT at an early age, because they will need those skills for the remainder of their education and in adult life.
Yes, it does help to increase self-esteem
  • Teachers report that students with computers in the classroom show an increased sense of competence by mastering technology, according to the U.S. Department of Education. They get excited about coming to school. Students who show less aptitude or ability for traditional academic tasks often find satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from working with technology.
Call 04-2286106 to register!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


More classes are to be added from July 2012 onwards.
Classes are held once a week (1.5 hours per session).

For children ages 5-12
Fees: RM60 per month (exclude materials)

For more details: Contact us at 04-2286106 /

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lego Robotic Camp

Joshua and Wei Yang testing out their programming after building their Ball roller coaster.
Wei Yang was praying it works after all the hard work. Hurray!!!! it works.

Lego Robotic Camp 13th - 15th March 2012

FREE Computer lessons in May 2012

In conjunction with our 10th anniversary this year we are offering free computer classes for the whole month of May 2012.
Call us at 04-2286106 to book for a place.