Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Theme - Pet Store

Technology focus Spreadsheet.

In this module students will be helping to run a Pet Store.
They will use their spreadsheet skill to decode messages, find out the type of pet to order and solve puzzles.
They learn to arrange the pets in their respective shelves, count the total number of pets, use formulas to add the total pets, the most popular pets and profit made from the sales of pets.
They learn more about spreadsheet and are introduced to rows, columns, cells, cell names etc..
They also learn to send e-email to order their pets.
Finally they learn to create pie and column charts to show the number of pets sold and profit gain.

Using spreedsheet skill to uncode the word

Using formula to all up all the pets
Solving the puzzle for the pets

Using formula to find out the total profit gain


We will be starting our new module on the 5th May 2009
Technology focus for these modules is Spreadsheet.

Kindy - Toy Shop
In this module students will be taking part in running a toy shop.
Teachers will discuss about the running of the shop, like what types of toys are more popular,
where to order the toys, how to arrange to toys and how to enter the data into a spreadsheet.
They will be taught simple formula for adding all the toys sold.
They learn to create chart to show their data in the spreadsheet.

Introduction to rows, columns, cells and cell names .

Introducing simple formula in a spreadsheet

Arrange the toys in the proper cells

To calculate the number of toys sold using formula

Friday, April 17, 2009

Art and Tuition Classes

Effective May 2009 we will be offering Art and Tuition classes for both Primary and secondary students.

It will be a one stop centre where parents can drop their children here to learn computer skills, Arts and tuition.

Call us for more information :

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Samples of lessons

Junior Level -For children ages 9 and 10years.

The skill for this module is DESKTOP PUBLISHING.
This module includes the following task:
Inserting/formating text and graphics, Wordart, insert BorderArt, page layout, layering, importing scanned pictures, word-processing skills, use of guides and rulers, alignment, grouping/ungrouping etc.... how to retrieve and save a document, format text, task swtch between 2 documents, copy and paste object, text wrapping and spell check. Insert picutre form file and clipart library.

The theme of this module is Health Magazine.
The students is the editor of a "Health Magazine", a publication on issues of Health and Nutrition. Using their Desktop and word-processing skills, and internet, students will create this magazine.
They design a cover for themagazine, a page contents, a competition page and 5 other pages of articles.
They also do emailing and research on the internet.
Here are some samples from the magazine.

The cover of the magazine.

One of the pages on "Tips for problem skin".

A page on healthy eating.

Primary Level - For children Ages 7 to 8 years
The skill for this module is GRAPHICS and WORD-PROCESSING.
In this module students will do a story about their space adventure. They will be visiting their cyberpal on their favourite planet.
Before they start on the trip they will have to study about the solar system to learn about all the planets.
They will then do a reserch on the internet about the solar system.
Then they use their graphic skill to draw the solar system and pictures of their spacecraft and space friends.
Students will then create a map with their spreadsheet skill of the space landing docks.
Finally they write a story of their adventure in space using their word-processing skill.

Spaceship - Drawn by Adriel Wong - Age 8 years

Spacecraft - Drawn by Carman Looi - Age 8 years

Spacecraft - Drawn by Andrea Goon - Age 8 years

Space dock - students practise their spreadsheet skills to identify the correct cells.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Space Adventure

These are some of the work done by students from the Primary level.
The theme of the project is Space Adventure.

Solar system drawn by Andrea Goon
Kelly is my alien friend.
She is from Glaxy Mars.
She is weird to us but she is honest and helpful
I am glad to have an alien friend like her
Kelly also has superpower too..................................By Andrea Goon 7 years old
Heatblast is a fire alien.
He is from Uranus.
He is ver y powerful.
He can make fire..............................By Ung Zhen Xuan 7 years old

Alien X is a fire alien.
He is from Mars.
He is very Powerful. He can make fireball with his hands.
He is 7 years old...............................................................................By Stefan Ooi 7 years old

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lego Robotic camp

Robotics Holiday Camp
Kidscomp Lego Robotics Camp uses the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education set, which is the latest in educational robotics. It allows students to discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. Students combine the sturdy LEGO Technic Building set with user-friendly software and progressive curriculum activities. They learn to design programme and control Robots that carry out life-like automated tasks. At the same time as grasping importat curriculum skills, students learn to work with others to come up with new ideas and solve problems.

Kidscomp LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Camp covers the following technology areas:

  • Science : Investigating energy, forces and speed.
  • Technology: Programming and controlling input and output devices, using wireless communication.
  • Engineering: Developing solutions, selecting building, testing and evaluating.
  • Maths : Measuring, using co-ordinate systems, conversion and Applied Math.
For more enquiries call our centre:

Student testing out the robot with the programme.

Completed robot SPIKE.

SPIKE as seen sideway.

Putting the finishing touch to the robot.

Robot lifting a ball.

Students listening to instrutions before the start of their robot game.

Instructor giving instructions as how to paly the game.

Students excited to start the game.

Another game where the robot need to push all objects out of the ring.

Hurray!!! the programming works.

Students sourcing for parts before they start to build their robot.

Testing time......is the robot moving???

Teacher Jin Choo giving instructions to students before the start of the camp..

Marcus fixing the finishing part.

Joshua fixing the finishing parts to his Explorer.

Carmen Ooi figuring our how to fix the wheel to the explorer.

Joshua and Marcus with their almost completed Explorer.

Students figuring out how to fix the right part by refering to the instructions on the computer.

Thinking hard how to fix the right part.

Students assembling their robot.

Students Joshua and Marcus doing the programming for the robots.

Robot lifting a ball.

Side view of the Explorer.

Explorer done by the students during the camp. It's has ultrasonic sensor and touch sensor to detect objects in its way.

Carmen Ooi with her finished mini golf.

Student Chew Kew Yan doing the programming for the robot.