Friday, April 17, 2009

Art and Tuition Classes

Effective May 2009 we will be offering Art and Tuition classes for both Primary and secondary students.

It will be a one stop centre where parents can drop their children here to learn computer skills, Arts and tuition.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Samples of lessons

Junior Level -For children ages 9 and 10years.

The skill for this module is DESKTOP PUBLISHING.
This module includes the following task:
Inserting/formating text and graphics, Wordart, insert BorderArt, page layout, layering, importing scanned pictures, word-processing skills, use of guides and rulers, alignment, grouping/ungrouping etc.... how to retrieve and save a document, format text, task swtch between 2 documents, copy and paste object, text wrapping and spell check. Insert picutre form file and clipart library.

The theme of this module is Health Magazine.
The students is the editor of a "Health Magazine", a publication on issues of Health and Nutrition. Using their Desktop and word-processing skills, and internet, students will create this magazine.
They design a cover for themagazine, a page contents, a competition page and 5 other pages of articles.
They also do emailing and research on the internet.
Here are some samples from the magazine.

The cover of the magazine.

One of the pages on "Tips for problem skin".

A page on healthy eating.

Primary Level - For children Ages 7 to 8 years
The skill for this module is GRAPHICS and WORD-PROCESSING.
In this module students will do a story about their space adventure. They will be visiting their cyberpal on their favourite planet.
Before they start on the trip they will have to study about the solar system to learn about all the planets.
They will then do a reserch on the internet about the solar system.
Then they use their graphic skill to draw the solar system and pictures of their spacecraft and space friends.
Students will then create a map with their spreadsheet skill of the space landing docks.
Finally they write a story of their adventure in space using their word-processing skill.

Spaceship - Drawn by Adriel Wong - Age 8 years

Spacecraft - Drawn by Carman Looi - Age 8 years

Spacecraft - Drawn by Andrea Goon - Age 8 years

Space dock - students practise their spreadsheet skills to identify the correct cells.